In this mockumentary packed with Bourne-style action, Jim Dawson rules the corporate world of Information Technology. While daydreaming about his heroic battle with a ninja hacker, Jim is suddenly interrupted by a stern F.B.I. agent, Violet Striker. The F.B.I. has discovered a massive security breach at Jim’s company, and demands that Jim take responsibility.

Jim Dawson, however, does not bow so easily to pressure. After informing Agent Striker that he oozes I.T. awesomeness, Jim turns his attention to his sidekick, Chris, and his new hire, Ken. While Chris has sharp I.T. talent, Ken has a slow mind and a lot to learn. In order to train Ken properly, Jim happily sings his self-composed “I.T. Love Ballad” and introduces Ken to the amazing server gnomes.

However, while Jim and Chris are having fun with the newbie, a very real threat looms in the shadows. Before long the entire I.T. team must work together to unravel a web of digital deceit and save the company.


21 minutes.


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